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6 keys to e-commerce packaging

Published on 08-09-2022|140 Page Views

Since the birth of ecommerce in 1991, packaging has slowly evolved to make the consumer's shopping experience more comfortable. At a time when e-commerce is undergoing a revolution promoted by the Covid-19 crisis, we review the 6 keys to e-commerce packaging design.

While in retail the pack plays a fundamental role in the consumer's disposition and experience with the product before purchase, in ecommerce it plays a very different role. Electronic customers cannot touch the product before buying it, so the packaging plays a secondary role in the purchase choice. However, this does play a fundamental role in the shopping experience, being a key piece for a good distribution, since the product travels a long way between the seller and the buyer.

Thus, e-commerce packaging solutions must solve multiple problems.

4 main objectives of e-commerce packaging:

  • Reduce return fees by avoiding shipping damage
  • Reduce shipping costs by being lighter and smaller
  • Increase brand identification
  • Improving customer satisfaction

6 effective solutions for ecommerce packaging

The best packaging protects the item until the customer opens it and should offer a memorable experience at the lowest material and shipping cost. For this, there are 6 effective and easy solutions to implement in any company:

1. Use packaging that fits the product

Both brand and utilitarian packaging must be as close as possible to the product it contains in order to reduce weight as much as possible without compromising the integrity of the product. Remove unnecessary items from the pack. that take up space but do not add additional value. It will allow us to save on materials while reducing shipping costs.

2. Bet on flexible packaging

The use of flexible packaging reduces size, weight, waste, and shipping costs. It's that simple. For example, packaging liquids in bags instead of bottles avoids adding unnecessary weight as well as eliminating the negative space in shipping boxes that the lid creates.

When possible, use shipping bags instead of a cardboard box. Consumers appreciate that companies use less packaging so they don't have to deal with as much waste.

3. Use ecological filling

"Green" packaging is good for the image of all companies and the environment. Although Styrofoam is useful, it presents an ecological problem when discarded, so consumers prefer environmentally friendly alternatives.

Once the package has served its purpose it ends up in the bin, which is why many companies of replica watches are turning to fast-growing organic materials such as bamboo, straw or roots as filler to reduce their environmental footprint.

Without a doubt, sustainability is one of the trends in packaging that is here to stay.

4. Triple Function Packing Tape

In addition to keeping the package closed, duct tape is valuable advertising space. By adding the colors or typography of the company, it will perform a triple function: seal, strengthen and communicate.

5. Packaging that stands out

There is no rule that says utility packaging has to be dull, brown and boring. Everyone should be able to recognize the brand from a distance, so printing the box or bag in company colors will create corporate shipping packaging. Thus, when the customer receives and opens a package, brand recognition will be instantaneous.

The future of packaging to make our products stand out undoubtedly goes through the insertion of augmented reality.

6. Create a memorable unboxing experience

Whenever the customer opens a package, it should feel the same as opening a special gift. Unboxing is the opportunity to build loyalty by exceeding expectations. Some ways to achieve this are:

  • Add corporate tissue paper (colored or printed)
  • Include a personalized thank you note
  • Add coupons, promotions or offers
  • Include a sample or gift

Other ways to improve the experience include making sure the package fits the size of a standard mailbox and is easy to open. The entire experience must make the customer feel special and want to buy more, with packaging being part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Source: SOYUZ

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