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Trends of Sustainable Packaging in the Industry

Published on 07-12-2023|0 Page Views

Sustainable packaging trends are driven by political and consumer pressure due to the rise in environmental pollution. Replacing plastic packaging with organic material packaging is becoming more important than ever.  

This development has changed the circular economy's working style. Companies start focusing on the 3 words reduce, reuse, and recycle to attract major market segments to get their product. According to the research, 66% of consumers and 80% of adults are with brands that offer products with sustainable solutions.  

Sustainable packaging material and growth are interlinked. Let's study the link below to learn more.  

Sustainable Packaging Material And Growth  

There is a lot of demand for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) that increases the opportunity for businesses to revise their product line or introduce new brands. The demand for employees creates job opportunities, gives a boost to economic growth and benefits various domains like manufacturing design and logistics.  

Every product needs packaging, but plastic packaging results in pollution and mounting waste. On the other hand, sustainable solutions prominent the product in customers' eyes while sustaining the environment.  

Design For Recycling:

Recyclable packaging requires more energy than ordinary packaging to make it recyclable. Recycled packaging design doesn't mean that the packaging automatically will be recycled. Need a long list of requirements such as cleanliness, labeling, separability, and coloration.  

One important thing that you need to consider here is that the quality of the recovered material will be lower than the original one. Plus, it will not have a positive impact on improving the environmental footprint.  

Important information: In addition, we have to cut down the pollution by 75% with the recycling design at the end of 2030. It means that manufacturers need to introduce recyclable designs with the aim of recycling packaging in the future.  

Design For Reuse:

Milkman's method tells us to stay away from current packaging handling methods. This is more difficult than the recycling method and requires a well-built infrastructure to withstand washing and sterilization.  

Heavier and bulkier material is required for reusable design that puts more environmental impact than the recyclable design. Before introducing any reusable design for your goods, you need to place importance in the actual consumer setting or does it have any real effect on the environment or not. Some other additional impacts must be calculated: transporting fee, washing, and sanitizing at the time of designing to forecast the results.  

Important information: There is no doubt that the use of reusable design is a win-win position for the company and helpful in drastically reducing waste. Companies should use eco-friendly designs to make sure this transition is good for the environment.  

Replace Plastic With Bioplastic And Paper:

This trend is getting hype to replace fossil fuel-based plastic with bioplastic. Actually this shift only will reduce the environmental burden in terms of lesser carbon footprint. Other impacts such as environmental waste, acidification, and water footprint will be produced in the amount.  

Deforestation happens to get agricultural land that is not an authentic source. After all this struggle we will still not be able to overcome the problem. Seems the situation will happen when we use paper instead of plastic. The method will make us able to reduce our carbon footprint but can't overcome the impact of acidification and eutrophication.  

Important information: In this art and development to know the ways of better agriculture production. The eco-design will help you to shift the environmental burden to another area. In the case of paper, find out the ways in which you can reduce the weight of paper.  

Intelligent Packaging A New Wave:

Intelligent packaging is a new wave in the retail industry as it changed the packaging style of many industries. In it, packaging has a sensor to detect changes like temperature, spoilage, or tampering. These are the things that can't be seen with our naked eye but if the packaging has a sensor, then it can be able to detect it which is helpful in reducing waste, increasing product lifespan, and improving food safety.  

The packaging can be used for another product if the encased product gets spoiled in the manufacturing warehouse. 

Minimalistic Design:

This is gaining popularity because you will get functionality and simplicity in both of them. Simple design will make it easy to recycle and reduce environmental impacts. manufacturers are using it to have a positive impact on their customers as it has features with eye-catching aesthetics to please the customers.  

The astonishing finishing and distinctive design help the brand to stand out in the market differently.

Plant-Based Packaging:

Plant-based packaging is a new trend that is growing these days because it is made of materials such as cornstarch sugar cane and bamboo to create eco-friendly packaging. All these materials are easily biodegradable and compostable and play a major role in maintaining the pollution rate.  

The food and beverage industry is an active user of this packaging because it maintains the freshness of its food. This is the reason that you will see the shift of the beverage industry to this trend.

In Conclusion 

The impact of sustainable packaging solutions on business growth is visible. We can't ignore the importance of it in capturing the attention of a larger audience. Recycling, reusing, replacing, intelligent packaging, and minimalistic design are a few ways to leave a positive impact on the environment.  

It will help the company to cater to the demands of modern consumers and get good revenue in return. Go and study them if you are finding new ways to survive in the market and do not want to spend your time searching for methods that could have a positive impact on your business.

Furthermore, environmentally friendly packaging is a new trend in the retail industry which is why every brand needs to embrace green packaging to spread its awareness in positive terms. 100% recyclable packaging solutions will reduce the environmental impact while improving your brand image. Embark on your journey toward a sustainable environment with green packaging solutions.  

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