Bolsas papel ECO 26x35x12

They are paper bags made 100% in Spain.
Measurements: 26 cm wide x 35 cm high x 12 cm of gusset.
Weight: 90 gr thickness
Handle: flat paper handle
Quantity: 250 units per box
The paper comes from a renewable source, it is an organic, biodegradable, compostable material.
It is also recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.
It has the PEFC seal, which means that it comes from controlled logging forests. Most of them are national forests and, failing that, from Europe.
It is a "carbon-neutral" paper with zero CO2 emissions.
The bags can be purchased without personalization from 1 box or can also be printed with the logo.
The inks are ecological, water-based.
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MateriaisBiodegradável, Celulose, Kraft paper, Laid paper
TagsBebidas, Beleza e Saúde, Comida e take-away, Compostável, Embalagem de comércio eletrónico, Para uso alimentar, Promocional, Reciclado, Reciclável, Reutilizável, Tamanhos Personalizados
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