k!ek, capsule dispenser

k!ek is an innovative and revolutionary capsule dispenser that allows the easy pills administration, making it quick and hygienic, as well as turning the daily task of obtaining pills into a fun experience.

k!ek’s functionality, focused on hygiene, provides added value to the product it contains, allowing the user to get the necessary capsules, minimizing its contact and completely eliminating the contact with those that are not going to be used, as well as reducing the time spent for it.

Its compact design, with a simple mechanism composed only of injected plastic parts and without the addition of any metal spring or other components, makes the container alive and provides it with a lot of dynamism while interacting with the user.

The intuitive and practical packaging, operated only with a single thumb, is accessible, universal, ergonomic and can be used with gloves or in contact with gels or soaps.

k!ek is available as a primary packaging and also as a refillable packaging, allowing being re-used many times as desired.

It won the Golden ArcaPack Award 2021 as the Best Packaging for Pharma.

Its capacity depends on the capsules sizes:
Capsules 00 --> 40 capsules
Capsules 0 --> 60 capsules
Capsules 1 --> 65 capsules
Capsules 2 --> 80 capsules
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Información técnica
MaterialesPS (polystyrene) (except EPS), SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile resin)
Pedido mínimo1000 Unidades
Tiempo medio de producción35 Días
EtiquetasBeauty & Heathcare, For food use, Promotional, Recyclable, Refillable, Reusable
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