Bolsas papel ECO 20x28x11

Paper bags 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable
Measurements: 20 cm wide x 28 cm high x 11 cm gusset
Handle: flat paper
Weight: 80 grams thick
It comes from a renewable source.
It has the PEFC seal, which means that it comes from controlled logging forests. They are mostly national forests and failing that of Europe.
It is a "carbon-neutral" paper with zero CO2 emissions. It helps to reduce the carbon footprint
The manufacture of the bags is 100% Made in Spain
The bags can be personalized with ecological inks (the inks do not contain alcohol or toxic substances).
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Tech info
MaterialsBiodegradable, Cellulose, Kraft paper, Laid paper, Paper
TagsBeauty & Heathcare, Beverages, Compostable, Custom sizes, Ecommerce Packaging, Food & Takeaway, For food use, Promotional, Recyclable, Recycled, Reusable
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