CAPSULA PAPEL 113,5 x 66,5

Crimp cup/paper liner for ready meals, bakery products, quiche, etc, etc with superior barrier properties to moisture and fats. Suitable for frozen and chilled products. It can produced with multiple material architectures based on either paper or paperboard, laminated with other papers or plastic films, etc, etc. It has very good dual ovenable features but it can also be engineered for non-ovenable products. Outer side printing is possible in some cases as well as there're several options available on the paper color shade. It's highly customizable.
Tech info
FormatsCup, Tray
MaterialsBiodegradable, Cardboard, Paper, Kraft paper, Paperboard
Average production Time28 days
TagsCompostable, Recyclable, Food & Takeaway, For food use
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